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about last… September

I love Instagram. It was Instagram that brought Francois and I together.  After months of liking and commenting each other’s pictures, one night while I was out having a drink with a friend (in a city with 7.8 million people…), Francois walks up to me and… Read More

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simply DUDDELL’S

The term “better late than never” has never proven to be more true than last weekend, when I gathered up a few long-time friends for a dim sum brunch at Duddell’s.  I remember when Duddell’s first opened, it was all Hongkongers talked about.  I had been… Read More

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ACCORDING to Dr. Angelou

I’ve not done this before.  This post has nothing to do with Hong Kong,  just me. An author, poet, scholar, activist, actress, singer…    Dr. Maya Angelou, my inspiration and mentor, died today.