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Full Circle Moment.

This blog never ceases to amaze me.  [Updated May 2015]

I started this blog back in June 2012.  I thought it would be a great way to stay in touch with my family and friends back home.  I didn’t know a single thing about blogging.  I also wasn’t an avid reader of bloggers at the time, so I had nothing to compare mine to.  As I managed to learn about things like blog formats, post topics, tags, widgets and stats, this blog forced me look at everything differently.  It made me look at the good and the bad, both with Hong Kong and myself.  This blog was my outlet.  My friend.

Over the years, as my traffic increased so too did the number of emails I receive from readers.  I’ll admit, while I enjoy reading every email, I am horrible at responding.  Not out of laziness, but perhaps more than anything, I find it difficult to believe anyone has interests in what I have to say and by responding to an email I feel I’d be pushing it.  But last week I received an email that caught my attention.  It was from someone who happened to come across my blog while researching dog safety in Hong Kong, as she and her husband had recently adopted a dog.  As she read this post here about escalator warnings, she realized it was about her!  She was the lady in my post.  AMAZING, right?

Even though I knew the chances for seeing Madison again (or the mystery lady) were slim to nothing, I still thought of them often.  They changed how I use the escalator with my dogs.  And my intent for publishing that post, was that others would change also.  So naturally, receiving that email was pretty special for me.  Turns out the mystery lady, was a friend who was dog-sitting Madison while the owners were away on holiday.  I also received an email from the owner.  They were all too kind with their words… all a bit much for me.

ANYWAY.  Earlier this week we all met and celebrated our very special reunion at Staunton’s, not far from where the accident took place.  Seeing Madison after all this time, checking out her cute little paw, meeting her loving family, and fearless friend from that day, was a full circle moment for me.  After a few drinks and hugs (and gifts too… wow!), we ended the night all having met a few new friends, with an already amazing history.   Not to mention, I may have found a new dog model for work… agent negotiations are now in the works.  Ha!  I love my blog!


From left to right– Chloe (the mystery lady) with her Bella, Me with Grayson and Lily, and Jina with Madison

I have no idea how I managed to write this much about an email.  It was supposed to be a short and sweet post.  Bye!

Please do your pet a favor and avoid walking them on the escalator.  

UPDATE: May 2015

Photo session complete and a star is born!!!


Thanks Bella!


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