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PORNIC france… according to KEN

Where were you last Christmas?

We spent last Christmas in Pornic, while on our way to Budapest.  Pornic is a beautiful seaside town in Pays de la Loire, which is just south of Brittany, in western France.  While enjoying one amazing meal after another, surrounded by breathtaking sunsets, long walks on crunchy gravelled paths or paved narrow lanes with the perfect mix of cafes, creperies, home shops and gorgeous homes… even a castle…  I fell in love with Pornic.  Where people held hands, not mobiles.  And where no meal was complete without cheese and potatoes or cheese and potatoes.  Did I mention the cheese?  Well, there was cheese.

And……  there was bread.  With the cheese and potatoes there was bread.

When not enjoying the brisk outdoor temperatures, you could find me keeping warm near the wood burning stove with a glass of wine in one hand and a cat lazier-beam in the other… along with a cat that couldn’t be bothered.  OR.  I was sleeping.  Sleeping each night in total darkness with every blanket in the house… along with another cat that could be bothered, just outside my window.

In other words…  I was in a pretty good place with pretty good company.

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Hi. Welcome to Hong Kong… according to Ken. Me! I’m a Texas guy that now lives in Hong Kong. I left my life as I knew it, to start a new life. One filled with unfamiliar sites, languages, foods, smells, culture and people. This “leap of faith” is still leaping, but I’m beginning to see the ground beneath me. If you ever wondered what it would be like to pack your bags, say good bye to everyone you know, jump on a plane to another world- then get ready. Here’s a look at life in Hong Kong… according to Ken.

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