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Hong Kong Expat Therapy

Dear Hong Kong Expats,

Do you get annoyed by…

People that barely move outside, in lobbies, corridors or foot bridges, only to break into a run-like-hell dash toward an elevator to hit (several times) the close door button?

Or people that have very little regard for anyone other than the person they’re texting?

I stumbled upon Hong Kong Expattery the other day and immediately could not control the pig-like-snorting-tears-running-down-my-face-not-able-to-breath ugly body laughter.

Hope you enjoy.

Love, Ken


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Hi. Welcome to Hong Kong… according to Ken. Me! I’m a Texas guy that now lives in Hong Kong. I left my life as I knew it, to start a new life. One filled with unfamiliar sites, languages, foods, smells, culture and people. This “leap of faith” is still leaping, but I’m beginning to see the ground beneath me. If you ever wondered what it would be like to pack your bags, say good bye to everyone you know, jump on a plane to another world- then get ready. Here’s a look at life in Hong Kong… according to Ken.

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