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Gateway Supermarket… New and Improved!

Last week I ran by Gateway Supermarket in Sheung Wan to pick up some cleaning supplies.  When I arrived, I immediately noticed the bright yellow walls leading down to the basement had been painted white.  I also couldn’t detect that weird smell that typically hit me as I approached the front door.  Was I in the wrong place?  After going back up and confirming I was in fact heading down the right basement, I continued back down only to find the store was empty!  As in NO MO JIFFY PEANUT BUTTER!  Even though I wasn’t planning to buy peanut butter, when I saw the store empty it was the only thing that hit my brain.

Needless to say, I left a little pissed and confused because 1) Gateway Supermarket was my go-to store for as long as I could remember.  What was I going to do now?  2) I had to return home without any cleaning supplies, which meant that long soaking bath wasn’t going to happen, and 3) Why was the door open??


All better now, because after a little research I uncovered Gateway actually moved to a bigger and better location.  Yeah!  They’re no longer in that stinky-smelly, weird fluorescent-light-buzzing sound, bright yellow basement, that if not for the goodies in my cart would have otherwise DRIVEN ME COMPLETELY CRAZY with each visit!  The new location offers a much better shopping experience on the 2nd floor of the Unicorn Trade Building, while still offering free home delivery of purchases over HK$ 850.


If you’ve been looking for those hard to find American brands, I highly recommend you visit the new Central Gateway.  Just don’t touch the peanut butter and jelly section.  For a complete beginners guide to Hong Kong… according to me, check out my original post here.

GATEWAY SUPERMARKET    |    131 DesVoeux Rd.    |    2/F Unicorn Trade Building    |    Central


Also, while out…

I visited the new A&M US Groceries Central location.  Compared to the Stanley location, the assortment in Central is much smaller and more expensive.  After visiting both Gateway and A&M the same day, I found Gateway almost 30% less expensive.  That being said, I still suggest checking out both stores as they each offer items the other doesn’t.

A&M US GROCERIES    |    30-32 Connaught Rd.    |    1/F 101 Chuang’s Tower    |    Central


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  1. Mary Damon

    Hey, thanks for this great info! We live in Macau and were bummed to find both Gateway and A&M gone last time we travelled to Hong Kong. Now I know where to look! (I need some American deodorant!!! Ha!!!)

  2. Jane

    Hi Ken,

    Great post! Any idea whether they have Gold Medal flour at Gateway?

    Thanks and Best Regards

    • Hi Jane!

      I’m glad you found my post helpful! I’m not so sure about GM Flour, but I will say if anyone has it in HK, Gateway or A&M would! In fact, I find A&M more baker~friendly.

      Good Luck!

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