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French artist Invader is internationally known for his pixellated mosaic “space invaders”
which he has placed in over 60 cities around the world for almost 20 years.   I first noticed these installation art pieces in Paris last year, before realizing Hong Kong is probably better suited.  After all, it’s hard to make Hong Kong any… uglier.  

SpaceInvader 1adorable-twin-invaders_battery-path-centrala1b4b6718d6af89e83038b7e8a908b701bc5ad66ef65e96f7f0a03eef44fd4b5SCMP 06MAR14 NS PRINT6  NORA9959A.JPG tumblr_ncrw0nJy9J1rnbqr4o1_1280black-blue-invader-at-stanley-pier4655094645_28e150d077_bhk_58_a

He first invaded Hong Kong almost 14 years ago.  Although most of his work is quickly removed in most cities, in Hong Kong (where little regard is given to maintaining building facades) we get to enjoy these little fellas every day throughout the city.

The French artist feels Hong Kong is one of the easiest cities in the world for a street artist or graffiti writer to complete installations.  “The police in Hong Kong are not strict or violent as in other cities.  They consider my installations a very minor issue.  Many street artist who come to Hong Kong find it very easy to install here.  In fact, the police are intimidated and many feel threatened to approach.”


As part of Le French May opening celebration, the PMQ is hosting an exhibition of the Invader’s creative universe, with pieces from the recent Hong Kong invasion, along with never-before seen videos, new LED artworks, and new monumental sculptures.  If you attend, be careful what you say.  Not knowing the identity of the artist, he could be standing right next to you!


For more information click here.

Dates: May 1-17, 2015

PMQ Cube
Opening Hours: 10am to 8pm
Entrance Fee: free admission

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