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a boy named JOSHUA WONG

Joshua Wong had a busy summer.  He went from being a 17-year-old teenage boy, to one of the world’s greatest leaders.  Joshua formed the pro-democracy student group that took to the streets of Hong Kong last summer.  While withstanding countless attacks of pepper spray and truncheons from the city, Joshua led a fearless group of students, day in and day out, to speak their message of democracy and equality with a nonviolent demonstration.  Because of his leadership, they gained the attention, the respect and the empathy of the world.  The student group paralyzed downtown Hong Kong for 3 months.  During which time, Joshua found himself on the cover of Time magazine, calling him the Voice of a Generation.  It isn’t surprising Fortune recently named Joshua one of the World’s Most Greatest Leaders of 2015.  

oc-day18-admiralty-st-5-netSCMPOST 26SEP14 NS WONG1Joshua Wong, leader of the student movement, delivers a speech as protesters block the main street to the financial Central district in Hong Kong c83980f4-81ff-486b-a97d-8f6eb72aa77f-620x372

Congratulations Joshua.  I believe anyone that finds fame, in one way or another, desires it, for one reason or another.  However, I don’t think you had any idea that the summer of 2014 would define you as it has.  The Voice of a Generation and one of the World’s Most Greatest Leaders…  you are a lesson for us all.  You are an inspiration, advocate and humanitarian.  And at only age 18, something tells me you’re only getting started.

Your platform has been built.  Now, go get a proper haircut!

“Many citizens have said to me that ‘Hong Kong relies on you’ and some even called me a hero.  I feel uncomfortable and even irritated when I hear this praise.  The hero of the movement is every single Hong Kong citizen.”    

“People should not fear their government.  The government should be afraid of their people.”

“What matters in my vision is whether our government listens to the will of the people.”

“We crossed our arms to reflect our mistrust toward the central Chinese government.”

~Joshau Wong (18 year old man)

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