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Lights, Camera, Butterflies… VALENTINO!

Last night my friends and I attended the opening of Valentino’s new beautiful flagship store in Hong Kong.  I get to attend these events from time to time and I have to say, rushing back to the island immediately after work and arriving without looking as if I swam across the harbour- with my clothes on- is always a challenge.  Hong Kong humidity… ugh!  However, last night’s event was attached to my office in Tsim Sha Tsui.   For once I arrived dry and, as a result, didn’t have to avoid the cameras.   Also, people were able touch me without pulling away in complete disgust.  It was a good night.

Getting inside was no small feat as the streets were packed.   Paparazzi, police, screaming fans, security, bright lights- all generated a heighten level of excitement for everyone around.  Although I didn’t recognize anyone famous, apparently a lot of local celebrities also attended the opening.  It was pretty cool to witness the people’s reactions.  Just check out the size of the crowd outside.


While I love my camouflage pants, I couldn’t help but feel maybe I should have worn something… a little less cotton-comfy (especially while standing next to my friend Steve… Mr. Debonair himself) and a little more black, black and black.   Once inside though, I felt my outfit actually worked to my advantage.   You know how you always see that one guy at parties that clearly doesn’t play by all the fashion rules?  And how usually it turns out he’s someone important and has loads of money and all.  Well, I was that guy last night.  But without the money.  Just Dockers.


All the crazy fashionistas, local celebrities, fashion bloggers, CEO’s, body guards, entourages, media personalities… and free flow champagne…  all made for an unforgettable evening.

IMG_6857 IMG_6848IMG_6859 IMG_6840IMG_6858

Now onto the real attraction.  VALENTINO!  Here are my top picks of the night.  Since I am poor and pathetic, I couldn’t afford to leave with one of those shiny red shopping bags.  However, as the loyal followers I know you all are, please feel free to buy me any one, or all, of these amazing items.  And of course, let me close by saying how much I love, love, love all of you.









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