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THIS IS NOW: God Bless Hong Kong

DAY:  2

 occc2 456164916.0 456193864.0 456246384.0 456252388.0 456250316.0 456147898.0 1411900627000-GTY-456246422 hkprotestssept292 0 WireAP_8e305f5b19c04084ba49e6c152e8171e_16x9_992IMG_1248 tumblr_inline_ncm1m9VJz81qa7lep 1411910466260_wps_29_Riot_police_use_tear_gas_ _77871505_hi024099890 Byo7TImIQAA1K3F.jpg-large HONG KONG-CHINA-POLITICS-DEMOCRACY 456254004.0 456252280.0 456252922.0 occd3

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