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LOCAL Creatology @ the PMQ

Imagine for a moment, you’re a struggling artist living in one of the world’s most expensive cities.

How would you go about creating your brand?

How would you market and merchandise your product?

How would you obtain consumer feedback?

It would kind of Suck To Be You, if you were a designer/artist, am I right?

Now, imagine you’re a struggling artist in a city that offers a space right smack in the heart of the city, devoted to one thing… YOU!  Sounds a little better, right?

Well, check this out.


The PMQ is now OPEN!

The PMQ offers struggling artists an opportunity to open shop to showcase and market their products.  Along with providing an affordable venue, the PMQ offers on-going seminars for local artists with subjects focused on business management, brand marketing and protecting intellectual property.   With the except of a few coffee shops, restaurants and international pop-ups, most of the occupants must be local, developing and creating locally.

Living just around the corner, I’ve watched as this abandoned site was brought back to life as the city’s new art hub.   Already being on route of a double-decker bus tour, the PMQ offers tourists something a little better to take home, rather than a cheap bejeweled phone protector or tacky salt & pepper shakers from a street market.


Originally built as dormitories for the city’s police officers, the studios are all the same size and configuration, but each with a unique feel and identity.  After walking around, it’s clear there’s a lot of great talent here.  I have visited many times now, and with each visit I enjoy getting to talk with the artists and watch some of them develop both products and future brands.

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I don’t know about you, but I’m as impressed with all the different takes on the exact same space as I am with the actual products.  In a way, it reminds me of the always thrilling episode of the “individual room challenge” with that IKEA sofa, each season on HGTV Design Star.

ANYWAY.  The grand opening of PMQ takes place later this month, but there’s no reason to wait.  Despite having to step over the occasional extension cord and looking out for wet paint, several of the studios are already open for business.  Also, every weekend now through the end of July, Hong Kong Markets Organization is hosting Night Markets in the Aberdeen Courtyard (sandwiched between the two main buildings of the PMQ).  These weekend markets are a great way to learn more about the PMQ with several local designers and artists on hand, along with tasty bites from up and coming chefs with tunes from local bands.  Are you catching a trend here???  The trend is called LOCAL!

PMQ        |       35 Aberdeen Street         |       Soho       |         Hong Kong       |       7am – 11pm Daily

To learn more about the history of the former Police Married Quarters, check this out.

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