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DALLAS just got closer to HONG KONG!

Dallas based American Airlines just made my journey home faster and easier.

American Airlines now offers direct flights to Dallas!  Or should I say Hong Kong?  ANYWAY.  Direct flights between Hong Kong and Dallas, AA’s new longest route at 8,123 miles, will only take 16 hours and 20 minutes.  I say only, because my current route takes over 20 hours, depending on layovers.

Yesterday, American Airlines passengers got to munch on Dim Sum while watching Chinese Dancing Lions inaugurate the first non-stop flight at Dallas Fort Worth’s International Airport, connecting my two hometowns together for the first time.  For added excitement, (which having Dim Sum in Dallas is pretty exciting, as far as I’m concerned) once on board, all passengers received a Pier One Imports gift card, compliments of their fellow passenger Alex Smith, CEO of Pier One Imports (and a super nice guy BTW).

Alex Smith, CEO of Pier One Imports

Dancing Chinese Lions inaugurate the first non-stop flight at DFW’s Terminal D

Doug Parker, CEO of American Airlines and Li Qiangmin, Consul General of China, were present for the festivities.

American Airlines brand new Boeing 777-300ER receives an arch of water as solute.

I’ll admit, 16 hours and 20 minutes is still a long time in one plane seat.   But, there’s more good news!  American is also introducing their first ever fully lie-flat business seats on their new Boeing 777-300ER.  I used to avoid long hauls on American planes, by booking through Cathay’s; One World partner, but not anymore.

Similar to Cathay Pacific’s newly redesigned Business seats, American Airlines first ever fully lie-flat seating… aka heaven!

Now, if only, American Airlines would recruit Cathay’s friendliest flight crew in the air, all would be good in this always-getting-smaller world.

One can always dream…

Speaking of dreams!!!!  In addition to direct flights between Hong Kong and Dallas, American also added direct flights between Dallas and Shanghai, China.

The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders performing at Shanghai Dudong International Airport, as passengers board the first non-stop flight from Shanghai to Dallas. Clearly, not something you see everyday in China!!!



  1. Nice. I always take LAX (Los Angeles) to HKG, and maybe they have direct ones but the cheap tickets found online always seem to transfer in Beijing or Shanghai. Eh can’t complain. But when going on exhausting international flights the faster the better!

  2. I completely agree with you Ray. I typically go through LAX too, but as for international connections, that airport is the worst! Having to claim your luggage, recheck your luggage, go outside and around the corner for the domestic terminals…. it’s horrible! Once the buzz dies down, hopefully these new directs will become more reasonable in costs. Thanks for following me!

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